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Xtreme City

The film that never got made. Check out our Documentary Short to learn more about our EPIC adventure.

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Written by Paul Schrader and Mushtaq Sheik starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Shah Rukh Khan, Xtreme City is the ultimate Hollywood/Bollywood co-production about an ex-marine who goes to India to rescue his boss's kidnapped daughter from the Mumbai Underworld. The film was being produced by Agita Productons, run by Oscar nominated producer David Weisman and Blinking Peacock Productions.

The Dealmaker

The Dealmaker is a book written by Bastiat award winning economist Rakesh Wadhwa and Nobel peace prize nominee Leon Louw. We are currently adapting the novel into a screenplay.


Set in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal, Raam, tells the story of two teenage brothers who suddenly lose everything when their village is infiltrated by a group of Maoist rebels. The brothers must survive alone in the harsh wilderness and find a way to take back their village.

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