The Terrible Show for KIDS

The Terrible Show for KIDS is what you might get if you allowed Edward Gorey to guest direct an episode of South Park that happened to feature the cast of the Addams Family. No, wait, screw that…it’s a cash grab featuring an oddball cast of devil’s rejects (not the cast of the DEVIL’S REJECTS that’d just be stupid). No, it’s an earnest endeavor to examine the socio-political mores of the modern suburban lifestyle in America.

Deep breath. Focus. Come on, man. You can do this.

The Terrible Show for KIDS is a show about a lesser demon and his brood living in modern day Arizona and the tension that builds when a left-wing family of hippies begins to encroach upon the demon’s territory…and shenanigans and stuff.

Concept Art


So, my show is kinda like if Jimmy Neutron, that boy genius kid, and Star Trek, the whole show, walked into an interstellar... well, not a bar, but like a giant hermit crab, one that only enjoys soft drinks and floating in space. Ummm.... anyway, thereʼs the setup and Iʼll let you know if I think of a punchline that doesnʼt involve me, Arom, getting injured or otherwise humiliated.

So really, weʼve got these blue electrified aliens that are chasing me and my band of alternately too-smart-to-live and too-dumb-to-breathe adventurers through space, which is really kind of like an ocean, waves and all, as we attempt to restore order to the galaxy (you know, get rid of the ocean-in-space-thing and set the universe back to normal less-water-more-empty-space space). Howʼd things get all abnormal? You should ask Unk, my Nutty Professor-like uncle about that. Oh, and heʼs the funny Nutty Professor-like Uncle, the one thatʼs like Jerry Lewis, NOT Eddie Murphy in a fat suit.

Concept Art

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