Software Design

The world of independent filmmaking is an often chaotic, high-octane environment filled with passionate filmmakers and artists who work with next to nothing in an attempt to produce a film, which they hope will garner a wide audience.

The nature of Independent film lends itself to only a superfluous standardization of workflow and organizational structure. Inherently each film involves a new set of players (cast, crew, vendors, etc) who often have never worked with each other. As a result, cross-departmental communication and systematic workflow suffer. This leads to confusion and mismanagement, potentially resulting in a product that isn’t fully realized.

In an effort to offer independent filmmakers a chance at standardization, Blinking Peacock Inc. is developing a web-based enterprise management system specifically geared to the Independent filmmaker.

Although other workflow management systems do exist in the market, Blinking Peacock’s design offers a profound degree of differentiation by creating a system that will automate tasks such as call sheets and scheduling. Wouldn’t it be much easier if all your actor conflicts were automatically synchronized with the shooting schedule, and dynamically updated as and when changes occurred? Imagine a system that kept in direct link with the cast/crew so that any last minute changes to the call sheets, locations, equipment, etc would instantly and automatically be communicated.

We want our system to enable every department to be in sync in real time. We are working on features that will simplify on-set discussions between directors and department heads, where blocking and camera angles can easily be manipulated on the fly and subsequently disseminated rapidly to the crew.

Our goal is to create a system that will operate intuitively and seamlessly. Having a total immersion in the filmmaking industry, we are designing the system from the ground up; perpetually holding the filmmaker’s needs paramount.

To remain cost effective we have partnered with CCIT, an information management and computer science school based in New Delhi, India.

We plan to launch the system in January, 2018!

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